How to use Isomorphic boilerplate single?

You should use Isomorphic boilerplate single if you want to use non monorepo boilerplate. More on this here https://redqsupport.ticksy.com/article/16233/.

To use Isomorphic boilerplate single just copy all it's content to a separate project and run this command.

1. In project root (isomorphic-boilerplate-single) run [yarn]

2. yarn start 

Now if you get error like below 

I get the following error: 

./src/containers/Sidebar/options.js Module not found: Can't resolve '@iso/config/icon.config' in '/Users/nehbatwara/Desktop/Isomorphic - React Redux Admin Dashboard/isomorphic/packages/isomorphic-boilerplate-single/src/containers/Sidebar'

Image attached as well. If I can get the resolution for this quick that would be helpful! 


Just follow this steps to solve the above error

it looks like the icon.config.js file is missing in the 

isomorphic-boilerplate-single/src/config directory

you can get this file from shared/config/icon.config.js and move it to the isomorphic-boilerplate-single/src/config directory.