Add post link in map info window

First of all copy below code

var siteUrl = REACTIVE.site_url; //this is your site url
   var multiLang = REACTIVE.multi_lang; //this is the current wpml lang
   var postLink = '';
   if(multiLang)  //if wpml lang
     postLink = `${siteUrl}/${multiLang}/${data.post_name}`;
   else //if default lang
     postLink = data.post_link;
<div class="reactiveInfoWindowWrapper 3">
  <div class="reactiveInfoWindowImage">
     <a href="{{data.post_link}}">
        <img src="{{data.thumb_url}}" alt="Image">
  <div class="reactiveInfoWindowContents">
    <h4><a href="{{postLink}}">{{data.post_title}}</a></h4>
    <p class="reactiveAddressText">{{data.meta.formattedAddress}}</p>
    <p class="">{{data.meta.phone}}</p>

Now go to Admin menu Reactive Templates->All map info window templates. Now create a new info window and paste the above code you just copied. Now save the template and goto your search page and select the newly created info window template.