Why Reactive plugin feels a bit difficult at the beginning?

Reactive Pro is a large plugin not in terms of its size but in terms of the feature and customizability it offers. It is the only advanced search plugin that has a dedicated frontend search page builder. 

Not understanding how things work or how to get this done happens with every page builder or large plugin. You have to understand that Having a search functionality with your requirement is no simple work. It's months of work to create a search functionality. But our plugin is here not only to save your efforts but also it gives you lots of settings and functionality to make your search page customization easy. Having lots of customization feature is great because you can cover almost any feature requirement with them. Sometimes it happens that your client asks for some custom search feature for e.g. keeping an extra search component in the modal. With the search plugin available in the market you have to do customization by your own to create this feature or sometime its not even possible. But with our Search plugin, we will not disappoint you. So The amount of feature we have provided for your customization will not only help you with your client's feature request but also will help you in the long term.

There are lots of Searching plugins in the market with easy settings but none of them will provide you so much functionality, customization as ours. Plus we give you a Frontend page builder system to create your search page which is super flexible. It takes people days to learn the basic steps of a new page builder (if you don't know how this page builder works). But I hope our plugin doesn't take it that long and once you master it you can create search pages for your clients (Having a search functionality is one of the works that has a huge demand in both on and off freelance market) easily. 

About the difficult part if you follow our direction and contact the support forum they will make it easier for you to understand also we are continuously working on an easier User-friendly UI and documentation. But keep in mind that A complex work with a Flexible and customization feature based plugin will take some time for you. At least it's worth the time to give it a proper try. And you are not alone a dedicated support team is waiting there for you to help.

Finally, Why should you choose Reactive pro over other searching plugins in the market? 
while working on a project we might think we want to complete the project as soon as possible why should we learn Reactive search page builder. You should choose and learn Reactive pro because

  1. It's an advanced search page builder plugin with a very modern approach
  2. You learn it once and can apply it with any WordPress search-related work (you do have to purchase a separate license for each project)
  3. Almost any feature can be done with Reactive pro
  4. If you want to build your search page and think about it in the long term
  5. Search page builder
  6. Customization
  7. It becomes very easy and quick once you learn it.