Isomorphic - React Redux Admin Dashboard

How to run Django?

Currently we are working on the documentation we will try to update the documentation soon. In the meantime please follow this guide

To run it you need to first run 


command at the root directory where you have packages, shared directory. and then run 

yarn start:iso-servers 

from the root directory. after that you client should run on localhost:3000.

Now that your client is running start the Django server from 

packages/isomorphic-servers/servers/django directory.  

basically you just need to run this command from this directory

python runserver 9000

after running your django server it should be running on localhost:9000 port 

and then go to the client app localhost:3000 and your server api for this secret/test route. 

we have integrated sercet/test api route in the Check Auth Status button. so when you click that button it should give you the auth status.

if it's still not working please send us a video how you are running the app, show us your server running port and client running port and api test from the client app and from the dev console.