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Which project to use from isomorphic?

Which Isomorphic project to use:

we do have several implementation and deciding which one to use can be tricky.

i) the root isomorphic directory is a separate application which is a non monorepo version. you can use it directly in any project or start playing with it.

ii) the packages directory is a mono repo implementation containing separate version of isomorphic. it has  react and next js implementation as well as quick starter boilerplates for different uses.

iii) if you are comfortable with mono repo i will suggest you to use the isomorphic-boilerplate package. but if you rather not want to use mono repo than just copy out the isomorphic-boilerplate-single and start working with it.

iv) why boilerplate? because it's a minimal blank version of the whole application with the layouts. you can just use it as a regular react application. and bring the component or views that you need from the app. As boilerplate is lightweight it will be fast and will run the application in no time.