How to setup Picksy template?

Here is our installation guide in sequential order

  1. https://picksy-documentation.now.sh/installation
  2. https://picksy-documentation.now.sh/installation/1.%20setup-shopify
  3. https://picksy-documentation.now.sh/installation/2.%20setup-prismic
  4. https://picksy-documentation.now.sh/installation/3.%20setup-picksy-gatsby

Make sure you setup your shopiy store and prismic repo and fill them out with data


You need to setup the prismic using our content.json files.

NB: Setup all the prismic json files in the video we have shown just 3 but in updated version there is new home layouts that is modern and minimal. make sure you upload those json files and provide initial data in each of those fields. otherwise you will get error while running the template.

your custom type should be same type as shown in the video. please note that the custom type name is case sensitive so you can't just use lower case or plural name in custom type. it should be like this 

also you need to remove default collection from shopify store e.g. home and create some product and collection.

the collection will appear in the menu once you follow this guide 


Please Note that without complete setup you will get error when you run the template in development or in production.

Submit a ticket with details specifying  in which above step you got stuck or have any doubt and whats your issues. 

Support Ticket Note:

If you still getting the error

you probably didn't imported all the json files or didn't created prismic content data of your created fields.

if you believe you have done above check your shopify product and collection and make sure you have created the shopify collection in prismic as suggested.

if you did all the above and it's still not working for you please send us your shopify and prismic access along with your .end.development file information we will check it for you.