Having trouble deploying?

Some of our user recently shared their experience how they have overcome the deploying issue with Headless template. Here we are sharing the exact exact steps needed to fix this issue,

Update your node js to 8.1,

after changing the version make sure clean up the packages using below command by running below command

yarn clean
yarn clean:build

also, make sure you followed the point 3 from below,

1 -  Node 8.1.0, Firebase tools 6.4.0

2 - Update the server/package.json to 

"engines": {    "node": "8.1"  }

If in headless-graphql/package.json cp packages/server/{package.json,.env} does not work and needs changing to cp packages/server/package.json packages/cloud/ & cp packages/server/.env packages/cloud/

3 - copy the yarn.lock file into the cloud deployment folder

If in your case 8.1 doesn't work try with version 8.0. it should fix it.